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: is a Preneopostic Artist sparring with the universal. Currently on the move; country mouse is on his way to the big city. Collect me while I'm cheap!

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Art Show Available

Vyd Comix Art - art show ready

This new series of Comix Art consists of 18 canvas and 6 sculptures of acrylic montage Marvel comic clips, juxtaposed to form new hero myth is available for show at your gallery.



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Vyd Comix Art Show is ready for your Gallery
Preneopostism : before the new old thing

Vyd Comix Art - art show ready

Comix series

Art is gallery show ready !

2012 / 13 Acrylic montage of Marvel comic image / word on canvas & wood action figures.

Vyd fractal paintings w blacklight

Fractal paintings

February 2013 These paintings are based on the fractal principle that all bits are equally a start/finish point relative to the viewer. In this case: there is as much red - in front & behind, as much blue - in front & behind, as much yellow - in front & behind ........ unforeseen bonus >>> Maine lobster trap buoy oil paint is blacklight reactive!

Vyd Art portfolio

Art Portfolio

Vyd regularly shows/sells his art in professional gallery spaces. Portfolio segments include: Political, Digital, Drawing, Painting, Words,

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