Hero Art by Vyd

Hero is at the core of all my Art. Collage artworks & words use Pop Culture references or materials to create maps and craft spells for the 21st Century labyrinth.

My primary influences are Joseph Campbell and the personal mentoring of Bob Rauschenberg.

I communicate with an inkblot dialect of Pop Culture & Classical Myth: conversant in art history or gamer. I wrestle philosophy, embrace humanity and cheer duende!

Maker Faire Orlando 2019
Amazing Keryx
Nov 9, 10 - 2019
Maker Faire Orlando
Amazing Keryx - oracle to heroes

Paper Grotto Techno Dogs Shangri-La
Bonita Springs, FL
October 31, 2019

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2019.09 updated

Vyd CoMix Art

CoMix - Olde fashioned cut & paste using scissors and my personal collection of 1,500+ Marvel comicbooks. Each new art is dozens of individual clippings juxtaposed to form a completely different story and composition. Montage in acrylic medium mounted on canvas or sculpture - multiple series.

Astral Unit

Astral Unit outdoor glass-aluminum sculpture
outdoor Glass & Aluminum sculpture

July 2019 installation

Hero Homage - art history inspirationHero Homage - is my artistic version of going to the gym. Learning to think as my art heroes did via research & repetition.

Hero Cards

HERO CARDS - My dual/duel deck of real-life, role model, baseball cards. Magic scrolls of reference to teach their methods. COMING SOON

Amazing Keryx - oracle to heroes

The Amazing Keryx knows your now! An Oracle's wisdom for your personal Hero Journey. Positive for any age at public or private events.

Paper Grotto - Techno Dogs
Paper Grotto & TechnoDogs
Video Installation by Lily Hatchett
Performance w/ Music

Palmtree Derby 6 - Old Soul Brewing

2019- Palmtree Derby #6 at Old Soul Brewing, Fort Myers, FL; was so much fun ... 2020?! Public event organized & hosted by Vyd. Redirects to:

Vyd - Book

Crossword Puzzles by Vyd
Themed Crossword Puzzles