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is a Preneopostic Artist sparring with the universal; whose primary influences are Bob Rauschenberg & Joseph Campbell.

Duality & Myth

Transactional art making techniques infuse hero story into reclaimed, Pop Culture materials.

MFA Art portfolio
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MFA Art portfolio

Magic City Comic Con

150 CosPlay Pictures

CosPlay at Magic City Comic Con
Miami Florida
2015 Jan 16, 17, 18

Florida State MFA

Florida State University Master of Fine Arts
Florida State University
Master of Fine Arts


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Preneopostism : before the new old thing

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mfa art portfolio
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Vyd Art portfolio

Art Portfolio

Vyd regularly shows/sells his art. Portfolio include:
Found Object / Digital / Drawing / Painting / Word / Prints / Political / Pop Culture / Video

Vyd art portfolio
Vyd Comix Art - art show ready

CoMix series

Acrylic montage of Marvel comic image / word on canvas & wood action figures.

This new series of CoMix Art consists of 18 canvas & 6 sculptures of acrylic montage Marvel comic clips, juxtaposed to form a cubist conversation of new hero myth. Support material - 7 poster editions & 1 sticker.

Vyd fractal paintings w blacklight

Quantum Fractal paintings

These paintings are based on the fractal principle that all bits are equally a start/finish point relative to the viewer. In this case: there is as much red - in front & behind, as much blue - in front & behind, as much yellow - in front & behind ........ oil paint is BLACKLIGHT reactive!

The Amazing Keryx
The Amazing Keryx
Oracle / Carnival Fortune Teller- knows your now!
Interactive Performances

mfa art portfolio

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