Palm Beach Mini Maker Faire 2019

Hands On Project

step 1
You Make a Robot

step 2
Robot Makes a Painting


Have Fun & accidentally learn:

ELECTRIC CIRCUIT - battery and motor with on/off

ENERGY TRANSFER - leg shape design variations changes action

COLOR THEORY - wet paint will be randomly mixing

ART HISTORY - new tech is progenitor to a lot of art masterpieces Logo - home page link
Bristlebot Painting project
take home your new robot friend & painting

You assemble the Bristlebot kit Bristlebot Kit
Bristlebot painting
Bristlebot makes a painting


Cavebot "Peaby"
official prototype for

Palm Beach Maker Faire 2019
South Florida Science Center & Aquarium

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Peaby uses 6 paints: uv blue, uv green, uv yellow, blue, green, gold

Sorry! old code - (use alt click and choose "RUN THIS PLUG IN")

Maker Faire hands on project
finished hands on project
Robot painting with UV blacklight
how UV paint reacts in blacklight

Choose your fuzzy leg color combo to give your robot a style!

Use different paints:
regular, metalic, uv
to make your painting stylish!

Cavebot painting series - uv lights built in
Vyd's Cavebot series that started the idea