Palm Beach Mini Maker Faire 2019

Hands On Project

step 1
You Make a Robot

step 2
Robot Makes a Painting


Have Fun & accidentally learn:

ELECTRIC CIRCUIT - battery and motor with on/off

ENERGY TRANSFER - leg shape design variations changes action

COLOR THEORY - wet paint will be randomly mixing

ART HISTORY - new tech is progenitor to a lot of art masterpieces Logo - home page link
Bristlebot Painting project
take home your new robot friend & painting

You assemble the Bristlebot kit Bristlebot Kit
Bristlebot painting
Bristlebot makes a painting


Demonstration of Cavebot Painting

Maker Faire Hands-On project
on a 4" x 4" canvas

Build Robot +/- 10 min
Paint Canvas +/- 10 min

Take home the robot & canvas!