Amazing Keryx

 If you enjoy what you're told- be generous with your gold. If you don't like what I say- you don't have to pay.

I am a shaman using five, cardinal shape, magic cards to reveal your subconscious. These simple designs are at the root of pictorial language across cultures, and are therefore inalienable from our communications. Like any abstract composition- it is the juxtaposition that makes up the meaning.

Very often our greatest stumbling block is blissfully myopic Emperor's new clothing. An outsider's observance can help clarify life decisions already in motion, tear down walls and provide confidence. Yes you can!

Palm Beach Maker Faire - Palm Beach
Miami Maker Faire - Miami
Art Walk - Fort Myers
Zombicon - Fort Myers
Bootleggers' Alley - Fort Myers
Art Royale - Fort Myers
Art Stumble - Fort Myers
Art Circus - Fort Myers
Private Parties

Amazing Keryx performingMaker Faire
Tampa, FL


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3 Levels of Readings

magic glass stonesmagic glass stones - 2018
Amazing Keryx sticker
1" x 6" sticker - 2016
Amazing Keryx portable deck
portable everyday deck - 2017


Amazing Keryx fortune teller
early century cards - wood with gold trim
sideshow podium
Sideshow Podium includes: blacklight paint on motorized Duchampian hypno-wheel, smoke machine, 10 candle flicker bulbs, velvet top, 25' power cord
Amazing Keryx 2016
Miami Maker Faire 2016 installation
Maker Faire Miami 2016 installation w Quantum Fractal Paintings


Maker Faire
lots of fun
Kaiser-Lee glass studio
Glass - Cape Coral, FL
very creative
Make Playing Cards
the real thing

Sticker Robot
Tell them: "ArtVyd says, Sticker Robot is high quality!"

Marcel Duchamp
Marcel Duchamp
hypno-wheel design