Iridescent, translucent, fused glass panels mounted in digitally cut aluminum frames: 5 @ 2' x 3' able to flutter; in aluminum frame 14' x 4' x 5" at a private home, Sanibel Island, Florida.


1 Astronomical Unit =
Distance: 150 million kilometer
Time: 8.3 minutes
Astral Unit

Florida Fluxus

A juxtaposition of Bob's Anagrams & Synaptic Shuffle series: Correcting me in conversation one afternoon -- "The images are inkblots to be solved by the viewer. Every answer is correct".

Abstract representations of our environment … to be understood by any viewer sharing the biosphere of art, flora and fauna. The panels are interchangeable; ergo, shuffle-able as to the owner's decision of the season or day.

The two memories, now woven as one, have inspired me to express this new way of communicating as "inkblot dialect: universal language with the accent on duende; anyone, anywhere - 'YES!' ". Logo - home page link




Vyd outdoor sculpture of aluminum and fused glass
A beacon to the Cantabrian fairies -
'beautiful nymphs, protectors of the forest; dance in my garden'.



Fused Glass sculpture
5 Elements of Sanibel Island, Florida
Sun, Water, Land, Plants, Blood


Steve Swenor

metal work

Steve Swenor - metal fabrication

church windows

The structure shall rise up to the heavens with all the grace and color of the dreamscape windows bejeweling cathedrals.

preperation drawing

Astral Unit sculpture installation


Kaiser-Lee glass studio
Glass - Cape Coral, FL
very creative

Vyd at the kiln
Star Trek portalThe totemic panels of abstract fragments become a magic portal emanating transformative light.

Petra Kaiser at the kiln

Glass expert: Petra Kaiser at her custom made, over-sized kiln.

Multiple stages of preperation were required to create each panel.

panel 1 step 1
panel 1 step 2
panel 1 step 2
Panel 1 - finished