various combines

Bobmocs is a playful twist on thinking like Bob and making Combos (reversed). "Mock - not authentic or real, but without the intention to deceive."


Bob 9.11.10

Rauschenberg collage created from found objects, museum posters, sharpie.

I wanted to make my own museum poster collage tribute. Included are layered images, transparent plastic and my pet crow prop. The text provides artist name, location, date of creation, signature and show title. The joke asks - 'I've / You see him?'

Crow in an art collage
Hero Homage Logo - home page link
Bobmocs -Rauschenberg collage
Rauschenberg forgery


Preneopostic Bob

Digital Video
Framed Prints

1st Place
Lee Alliance of the Arts
moving image

I chose the 5 video images because they are recurrent in Bob's work: tropics, communication, energy, an Anyman, and a secret personal nod. The beginning of the film expresses the building of layers. It's the same transfer process of an image from one source to another... now the images move. Couldn't help myself; I had to erase it at the end.

JN Ding Darling
Willem de Kooning

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prints of rubber on wood, paper & metal

Catalina car
Catalina - 4000 rpm printing-press

Bracing wood to the asphalt or feeding sheets of paper and metal under the back tires like a ferocious xerox machine. The tires scream, smoke & shred rubber as the horse power demands release; cutting thru strata of gloss white paint and wood.

Rauschenberg / Cage - Tire Print 1953

Car Burnout Art
Burnout #1 - 12" x 96"
Burnout 3
Burnout #3
Burnout 2
Burnout #2
Burnout 5
Burnout #5