Bristlebot robot kit, mix of standard & UV acrylic on canvas, CoMix montage, standard & UV LEDs, switch, battery, wiring

The interactive series of paintings is titled Biomorphic A.I. - an homage to the early Twentieth Century art movement; Carl Jung's "Archetypes"; Roberto Matto's "Inscapes"; and Maker Faire. The 100% robot painted canvases are then montaged with comic book heroes. Updated masks juxtaposed in dreamscape add to humanity's shared story of inner struggle and outward radiance.

Cavebots are artist built, self-propelled, anthropomorphized robots who express themselves and the materials by intuitively dancing on pigments. Automatic, uncalculated actions evoke the growth of organic tendrils that blossom spheres, harvested from repetitive arabesques as if on compass point. The addition of florescent acrylics transforms the composition radically when viewed under ultra-violet lighting. Large apparent shapes shrink behind the very smallest specks of paint that shine so vividly when amplified by technology. The duality of views paradoxically explores scientific relativity of micro and macro; psychological realms of conscious and unconscious; or hero journey from the known to the unknown.

Cavebots are 1.5 volt offset motors (phone vibrators) mounted on a small brush with stabilizers and googly eyes. Pipe cleaner legs are dipped in paint and the critter is set free. Theirlifetime (of the battery) journey is recorded onto the canvas without interference; exceptions: color choice, starting position and an occasional bump when hopelessly caught in a corner. Finished works include LED UV illumination and switch built into canvas surface, with soldered circuit and power pack in verso.

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Cavebot series 1
2019 - in progress
#1 - 16" x 12" canvas
#2-11 - 11" x 14" canvas
#12 - 12" x 24" canvas


Cavebot #2 blacklight LEDs
Cavebot #2 - "Iver" - 11" x 14" x 4"

Maker Faire Orlando 2019
BrownDog Gadgets

Maker Faire Orlando 2019
Cavebot Painting Premiere



Biomorphic #12
Follow Your Excelsior!!!


Biomorphic #11
The Mendicant In My Mind

Cavebot #11 robot painting

30th All Florida
juror Lisa Rockford

October 13 - 
December 12, 2020



Plm Beach mini Maker Faire
Palm Beach
mini Maker Faire

Dec 14, 2019

Cavebots Hands-On
Make your own Cavebot painting and take home!

Plm Beach mini Maker Faire
Host: South Florida Science Center and Aquarium

Cavebot display

Cavebot #10 was created in collaboration with Maker Faire guests.
Presented to South Florida Science Center and Aquarium



Cavebot #9

Cavebot #9
(4 UV LEDs)
Cavebot #8
Cavebot #8
Cavebot #8 (3 UV, 1 fader)
Cavebot #7
Cavebot #
Cavebot #7 w 2 UV LED
Cavebot #
7 (2 UV)
Cavebot #6
Cavebot #
Cavebot #6 under uv lighting
Cavebot #
6 (4 UV)


Cavebot #5
Cavebot #5

Cavebot #5 process
Cavebot #5 process

Each canvas is 100% painted by the robot. Lighting and switch is built into canvas or framing.

I really enjoy Bristlebots! On my third box of 10, I decided to start painting with them.

I call these Cavebot Paintings because they are the 1st robot art. I can not help but reference the earliest human art: the aboriginal hand print; followed by the caves of Lascaux.

Before I began painting with the Bristlebots, I referred to them as Spiritech - or a little 'Jimmy the Cricket'. Now; they are no longer what is represented on the walls, they are painting the scenes.

The Cavebots are painting what they have discovered beyond the veil of dreams. The images are experienced by UV LED torchlight. Never before seen colors in the history of mammalian eyesight.



Cavebot #4
Cavebot #
Cavebot #4 (red, white, blue)
Cavebot #3
Cavebot #
Cavebot #3 with UV LEDs
Cavebot #
3 (3 UV, 1 fader)
Caveot #2
Cavebot #
2 "Iver"
Cavebot #2 with UV LEDs
Cavebot #
2 "Iver" (4 UV)
Cavebot #1
Cavebot #1
"Poom" (no lights)