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Charcoal Pencil Ink

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When I first started my formal training at FSU I realized my hands were even more clunky with the black brittle charcoal, as they were with ivory rhythmic keys; often declaring: My hands are bricks. Thankfully there is the concept of gesture drawing or visual expression in time and flow with the environment.

My out of bounds sketches progressed to two handed, hands and knees on the stage, drawing the band in time, emotional portrait explosions. (bad word - The Explosions are literally their own series.)

My scaling up and speed caused disenchantment with the standardized selection in the stores--- so out into the environment I went, on a date with Mother Necessity. I hiked National Forest controlled burn areas and collided paper with 20' tall living sticks of charcoal. A perfect solution: I had become the table and the tree a Warhol "Superstar". Native / Burnt Sabal series

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Art - Vyd
Contrast is offsetting black and white.
Paradox is charcoal in hand.
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Native Charcoal drawing
Burnt Sabal series
Native Florida charcoal from the the controled burns in everglades of Sanibel Island. living sticks of carbon!
Nectar Asleep charcoal drawing
Nectar Asleep
charcoal on paper
Gun Powder drawings
Gun Powder Drawings
on video
Domino 1988
NYC Murder 1989
McGregor Blvd palm trees
McGregor Blvd
2 point perspective drawing
Royal Palm charcoal drawing
Royal Palm
3 point perspective drawing
This Drawing Sucks
Why This Drawing Sucks
woven charcoal drawing with essay
STS107 commemorative drawing
STS 107
tribute drawing to space shuttle tragedy
action drawing
live drawing at bar table
still life gesture drawing
mfa art portfolio
art teacher
preneopostism preneopostism preneopostism
political art
Vyd - Art
mfa art portfolio
Art - Vyd

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Finale action drawing
live action drawing done on concert stage

mfa art portfolio

art teacher
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