Christo Gates

I was the Art Preparator for Christo & Jeanne-Claude when they were in Southwest Florida promoting their NYC Gates Project. I collected the wrappings of Christo's art and made my own art of wrappings.

On the after day of the Central Park installation ended a massive blizzard was schedualed to blow in. I went down to the park for one last look and was astonished by my isolation when just the day before it was alive with 10s of thousands of viewers. I was sitting on the water's edge of the Ramble when a bird flew by. 'Wouldn't that have been a perfect photo' I though; but 'it will never happen again'. I removed my gloves and made the camera ready anyway. Seconds later I heard a rustling; raised the camera, and a frozen finger flinch pushed the button. 15 minutes later the blizzard began in ernest.

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Christo inspired drawing
found objects, plexi, charcoal, pencil on paper in shadowbox frame

Christo inspired sculpture
16"x12"x12" each
Christo & Jeanne-Cluade Gates NYC
Christo Gates animation Central Park

Gates - central park
35mm film to digital print

Gates fabric
fabric swatch from Christo & Jeanne-Claude's Gates Project