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is a Preneopostic Artist sparring with the universal; whose primary influences are Bob Rauschenberg & Joseph Campbell.

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Duality & Myth

Transactional art making techniques infuse hero story into reclaimed, Pop Culture materials.

MFA Art portfolio
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MFA Art portfolio

Maker Faire Miami 2016

Maker Faire Miami 2016
Miami, Florida
2016 Feb 20 + 21

Florida State MFA

Florida State University Master of Fine Arts
Florida State University
Master of Fine Arts

Florida State MFA

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preneopostism preneopostism preneopostism
political art
Vyd - Art

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Art - Vyd

Meng Chong giants cold Wife: You and Expand clothes, because after a lot of water-soaked traces have disappeared without a trace, but they see in the evening among the missing skirt a little hole, and tear marks. wholesale nfl jerseys factory See the case come to an end, then at the evening among the phoenix feather look Fung Che Road, "in accordance with the agreement, the evening among the moment is not to leave?" "Leave? I am in the end it turns out that the doctor is not a murderer? And how do you be sure he must be the murderer?" The woman from the classroom just now beginning to wake up, completely out of their control, the original piece of paper she suddenly became a fan called him and felt very irritable feeling come. * After finished the evening among single tool still underneath a few taste herbs, are treating trauma. But the evening among Mouguang glance, look to the side has not talked to the three princes, "Please phoenix three princes testify!" Feng Yu Feng Che heard her to testify, immediately a black face, think he dignified princes, could there will not lie? This woman is really audacious! Fung Che evening among a faint smile looked the hands of a cup discharge, light way, "As you wish.

Nor that she was not making money, but after all, have to find a way, as now reached faster. If I have to stay a few adults, I have nothing to say, but I do not belong seven palace, seven palace who did not qualify my bundle, and the case is over, I leave immediately! " Feng Yu's face does not look good, faintly moved, but he's off the book, but much too well known, especially in the presence of the three princes and Jingzhao prefect face is not good rebuttal, and therefore did not speak a calm face." Zhangcheng Ying hesitated maiden tongue out, Lehen clear, a glance is the ordinary people hanged themselves, and even the capital of neighboring bursts of so many similar cases, after checking newspaper Wuzuo are hanging up, however, the front of this girl says not hanging.

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