I collected a lot of comic books and stored them a long time. Now they fill my tubes of paint. Rauschenberg shared these ideas: "image as palette"; "using what is at hand" & "the works are inkblots for each viewer to decide".

All of these paintings are old fashioned scissors and glue - cut & paste. Comic book fragments juxtaposed to tell new stories. The easily recognized modern costumes welcome the viewer to explore these studies on the difficulties of being human. Cheering on anyone who dreams - HERO!

Cavebot Paintings
NEW - Fall 2019
Cavebots Paintings
- ALL the painting is done by Bristlebot robots.
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Stan 'the man' Lee offers Vyd's CoMix pdf
CoMix - Action Figures
CoMix - Stressed - Action Figures series
CoMix - Family Portraits series
CoMix - Family Portrait series
CoMix - Newzine Covers
CoMix - Buy This - Newzine Covers series donation to Southwest Florida Symphony
#metoo clarinet art donation
How To Hero pocket guide book
HOW TO HERO - pocket sized, guide book for hero-ing. CoMix imagery illuminates 13 common milestones on a hero's journey.
(about 1/2 way thru production)
CoMix - Sunday Funnies series -comic book art