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Deal Or No Deal

48" x 36"

referencing - Alexander Kandinsky / Chuck Close

The grid is 37 x 28 = 1036, 1/2" - 1" Marvel comic randomly cut squares arranged to create expressions of color across an implied comic page. Aside from the juxtaposition of color, the individual squares can be ink blots of story line. Each box to be selected and then opened by the eye; like a deck of cards- no optic shuffle the same

The piece is painted over a John Moses 1990 canvas bought (2001) out of the bargain bin in Maine.


acrylic montage on painted canvas - Vyd 2007 © ® ™ $ £ € ¥


Vyd Comix Deal Or No Deal
tribute to Kandinsky
Vyd Comix tribute to Chuck Close
Deal Or No Deal at Space 39 art gallery
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