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Scarlet Still Life -or-
What If Horton Was A T-Rex?

10" x 8"

Image as palette. Dualality in title, ala Rocky & Bullwinkle episodes where the next chapter would always have two titles. In this case I have the formality of a floral still life in scarlet; w/ an 'A' & a nod to the Marvel comic title. In this issue we contemplate the fate of the Whos on the dust speck if the hero, Horton The Elephant was a T-Rex.

The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show 1959 - 64
Nathaniel HawthorneScarlet Letter 1850
Dr Seuss; Horton Hears A Who 1954
Marvel What If ? 1977.2 - 84.10

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acrylic montage on canvas Vyd 2007.9.1-4 ©


Vyd Comix Scarlet Still Life


Vyd Comix What If Horton Was A T-Rex?
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