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Vyd Piet series drawings

Piet #5

This art resulted from the obvious association between the white paintings of the Piets and a blank page of a comic. The negative space of implied black line inversely mimic panel separations of the genre.

The story is a generic version of transformation and duality. The format is also classic: In the first panel we are introduced to the hero via titles and foreshadow. The second is the unexpected disaster. In the third; authority challenges the reluctant hero to face his nemasis. The fourth is synchronistic emergence of hero and villain. In the fifth the hero is surprised by the attack. The sixth juxtaposes the dark with the light. The seventh is the epic struggle followed by lack of resolution. The End.


acrylic comic montage on wood on plexi - Vyd 2004 © ® ™ $ £ € ¥


Vyd Comix Piet #5
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