Family Portraits


remains a set of 11

10" x 8" canvas
18" x 14" x 1.5"shadow box

comic book montage in acrylic on canvas with gold leaf; mounted in matted shadow box with glass

CoMix art framed

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Self Portrait - Family Portrait series
Self Portrait

Imagine being a portrait photographer and one of these groups walks into your studio! Somehow or another they are related, but what could have brought them together for this moment?

Consider the idea of a cubist conversation - no starting point or orientation necessary; yet coding is intentional. Are they talking to each other, themselves; to the narrator, the photographer ... the viewer? Each journey is an unique visual storytelling experience.

Dragon with blacklight LEDs
push the button and my pet dragon breathes blacklight fire

circuit rebuilt 2019

Self Portrait combine
Vyd Self Portrait
CoMix digital print 2014 - current
w/ added earned objects
36" x 19" x 6"


CoMix - Family Portrait - The 1% - comic book montage art
The 1%
CoMix - Family Portrait - WW3 - comic book montage art
World War 3
CoMix - Family Portrait - Cowboys & Indians - comic book montage art
Cowboys & Indians
CoMix - Family Portrait - Cold War - comic book montage art
Cold War



CoMix - Family Portrait - Puppy Dog Tales - comic book montage art
Sugar & Spite
CoMix - Family Portrait - Sugar & Spite - comic book montage art
Puppy Dog Tales


CoMix - Family Portrait - LGBT - comic book montage art
Marrige Equality
CoMix - Family Portrait - Abuse - comic book montage art
CoMix - Family Portrait - 2 Hearts Hurt - comic book montage art
2 Hearts Hurt
CoMix - Family Portrait - Spider-Man - comic book montage art


All Hail CoMix poster 17"x11"
1 framed pair
17" x 11"
CoMix poster - WW3 - comic book art
17" x 11"
My God CoMix poster 17" x 11"
$old Out
WW3 CoMix poster 17" x 11"
Poster Available
17" x 11"