Hero Homage - art history inspiration

I'll attend, or be a preparator/ art handler for an art show ... and after revisiting it in my mind several times, a serindipitous idea will say: "make me like that!"

Active in my studio contemplating, reconstructing, exploring a juxtaposition of artists' method & concept - transmogrifies me into their superhero dancing shoes.

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Abdy Warhol inspired paintings
Little Orphan Annie paintings set of 12
acrylic paintings
Bob Rauschenberg inspired Combines
Rauschenberg inspired found object and collage art
found object collage
Native Florida charcoal action drawing
charcoal drawing
Political 2020
Christo and Jeanne-Claude inspired sculpture and photography
Christo & Jeanne-Claude inspired art
Quantum Fractal oil paintings
black-light oil on canvas
Piet Mondrian inspired painting and sculpture
Piet series - paintings
oil on wood
Jackson Pollock inspired paintings and sculpture
WorkTops series
various on wood