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Hero Cards

A deck of 99; public figure, personal role models includes: photo, stats and attribute anecdote. A Joseph Campbell / Yugio duel deck, inspired project. Information sourced from Wikipedia.

Joseph Campbell

I am appalled by the negative slop forced upon the American media consumer. Its bad enough that so many "american classics" are actually based on foreign franchises, but do we have to have all the fear hefted into the script too? Instead of whining as response to the lack of moral role models idolized by my fellow citizens; I felt it my responsibility to provide a list of positive alternatives. These took the form of my other boyhood collectable - baseball cards.

Soon after beginning the list I had to challenge my own standards and guard against repetition of attribute. For each of the 99 cards represent 1% of my character- leaving the wild card for myself. These core values gird me with transactional energy as a shaman and can be called on singularly or teamed with relative heroes for combined strength. C. G. Jung said: "We must find what mythology we are living by" and by doing so "if you can find that point, you can find an initial point to begin your own reconstruction." - Joseph Campbell

These clarified choices help put me in accord with my nature. Now that the deck has begun to take shape: Visual; Audio; Tales; Politics; Science; Philosophy - I believe I could play a match against any of the Yu-Gi-Oh power deck game types or face the personification of historical gods on their plane.

Joseph Campbell Foundation




Yu-Gi-Oh card game


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Hero Cards 1st Generation - 2016.3
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Hero Cards 1st generation
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Hero Cards samples

front: Primary Category, B/W Photo, Public Name, Attribute
back: 2nd Category, B/W Photo, Private Name, D.O.B., Bio, Quote or Event
Secondary Categories: Martyr, Arrested, Roar, Vox Populi, Neutral
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Joe BLISterS Campbell -

This project has very much grown beyond any expectation. Began as a small stab at positivity - it has become my own "Zeitgeist". The list was just going to be about a dozen, then instantly more, but how many? So 66 for my birth year, which seemed like a lot, but was quickly crammed so some logic had to interject; ipso facto: 99- a very popular #. A massive goal at first is now a small, very supportive cadre; with a growing stack of worthy applicants.

Chosen from the masses for their unique uniqueness; I hoped to find the broadest spectrum of representation. Each an exceptional individual in their own, become combined into the one which is me. Beginning as mirrors I hope to reflect back, become conformations that there are people like me- thus permission that there can be a hero's journey in one's own life.

Starting from the simple connection of my taste, the research into my 'team' soon began to show complex associations outside my singular-dimensional idealizations. It also revealed the fallacy of some of my own praise. Difficult cuts at first; the idol indulgences where soon replaced by Idol depth.

My heroes common journey of Joseph Campbell: "Follow your Bliss should have been Follow you Blisters"; tempered with Malcolm Gladwell: "conscious practice" resulting to positively affect other people is a singular constant throughout my deck. Mathematically expressed: {BLISterS * 10,000 hours = [ :)Life]*exponent n, where n= ;)life}. One well spent that will propagate beyond its own shell. Or as Yugi would say: by the power of meraki, I combine my Joe C. & Malcolm G. cards to form- my future!

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Vyd - Art
Proposed Team
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1st edition team to be cut to 32!
in order to activate production and unlimit it from 99.
Becuase new HEROES always arise when they are needed.


Ed Asner
Brian Blessed
Carol Burnett
Ding Darling
Marcel Duchamp
Isadora Duncan
Clint Eastwood
Noel Fielding
Keith Haring
Catherine Hepburn
Christo & Jeanne Claude
Myrna Loy
Helen Miren
Bob Rauschenberg
Kerri Strug


Jello Biafara
David Bowie
Johnny Cash
Flaming Lips
Peter Gabriel
Jimi Hendrix
Billie Holiday
John Lennon
Bob Marley
New Order
Pete Seeger
Wish You Were Here
Frank Zappa


Paul Dirac
Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test
Rosalind Franklin
Buckminister Fuller
Charles Limberg
River Cottage
Sand County Almanac
Sesame Street
Nicola Tesla
Alan Turing
Alfred Wallace


Charlie Brown
Dr Who
Ernest Hemingway
Lola Rennt
Picture Of Dorian Gray
Edger Alan Poe
Princess Bride
Don Quixote
Rocky & Bullwinkle
7 Samuri
The Third Man
To Kill A Mockingbird
Twin Peaks


Joseph Campbell
George Carlin
Cheech & Chong
Stephen Fry
Dr Suess
Malcolm Gladwell
Andy Griffith
Self Immolation
Sam Kinison
Bruce Lee
Alfred E Newman
Paul Newman
Henry David Therou
Alan Watts
Slavov Zizek


John Africa
Reverend Billy
Noam Chomsky
Ward Churchill
Rachel Corrie
Amy Goodman
Alexander Hamilton
Michael Moore
Bill Moyers
Muntazer al-Zaidi
Thomas Paine
Pentagon Papers
Mario Savio
Emmett Till
Pat Tilman
Malcolm X
Howard Zinn

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