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CoMix Gallery presents: Hero Journey in 21C American Art.

8' x 10' presentaion booth

Maker Faire Miami 2014

CoMix: old-school control/x & control/v in the tradition of Henri Matisse and Bob Rauschenberg create new heroic, human-condition, pictorial stories. Familiar comic book images are juxtaposed into a cubist conversation for the viewer to read themselves into.

In deference to Joseph Campbell; ‘CoMix’ boast of the heroic tales of our generation’s universal, heroes’ journey. Live a Hero’s Life!

On canvas and sculpture; every sound bubble, character, object and background is sourced from separate (childhood collection) Marvel mags. Excelsior!

Vyd is a MFA Graduate of FSU.

Vyd's Orlando 14.9.13 Trip

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Maker Faire Miami booth


CoMix Newzine Covers - 7
CoMix Family Portraits - 11
CoMix Action Figures - 3
CoMix posters - 7
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Maker Faire Miami 2014
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