Wrapsody In Blue
21st Century Sasha


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comic book montage in acrylic medium on clarinet, UV sealed

(read aloud to the gala auction audience prior to bidding)

The double title recalls two of my favorite clarinet songs: Gershwin's Rhapsody In Blue and Prokofiev's Peter and the Wolf - Sasha the Cat leitmotif.

The first recalls the magical nightlife of the big city, the latter is set in the wilds of a faraway forest. Both are fraught with the predatory danger of the wolf, but the paradigm has changed, Sasha has been rebooted.

The story begins {mouthpiece} with a simple request: "LISTEN" the soft sound reverberates into the dark night. Disrupted and drowned out by the chaos of onomatopoeia echoing radically around the stone-age jagged cave of stalactite and groping gloved fingers. The law is blindly fixated on the wall, ensconced by the elite; dangerous and leering eyes populate the chamber, a policeman poses a mute question.

Crowds gather and the media takes notice - "We all have a BEAST inside us. Hers is LOOSE." More penetrating eyes, including those of a lad; what will imprint? A third officer, the man with no eyes; at least his face is finally forward looking. A veil of water demarks a change in conscience. The horn is wrapped in technology. All of that is in tones of blue.

In a stark contrast of orange she forwardly stands tall: "I'm alive with POWER, power I feel flowing through me …" ; "..did you believe me some toy …" she casts Katy Perry's hero spell: "RAOOOARRRRR!" --- tapu transformation --- Twenty-First Century Sasha is no longer intimidated by the lupine-lothario and she pounces.

The cowardly cur turns and runs. "She SAW me … She can identify me… Gotta get outta here … Gotta RUN!" Frightened for the first time "GASP !?!" he devolves. The mouse desperately begs "Who … … ARE you ?!?"

Tiger answers: "… My own Woman." "Then, with a cry torn from the core of her being -- Soulsword radiating so much raw energy it turns night to day -- she splits the monster's skull!" The young man is enlightened. Her claws "They rip through the castle, rocking it to its foundation." The rodent scre"EEEEEE"ams. Coda {inversa}.

Surrounded by all the stars in the universe: "(music note) I'm a singer!"


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YouTube Gershwin - Rhapsody In Blue
Gershwin - Rhapsody In Blue
Prokofiev - Peter and the Wolf
Prokofiev's Peter and the Wolf - Sasha the Cat