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1996.11 - 2011.5.26
Best Dog Ever!

Dog Drawing

What started off as compassion for the runt, $10 impulse item at the South Carolina Jockey Lot turned into the greatest art project ever. I know having a child is different; but if you treat a pet as well as one can . . .

Nectar grew up going to class at University and never really understood that she was a dog. I suppose her addiction to carrying stuff around was the same as mine- showing off beloved found objects. But on this day the stick proved a bit too heavy and she made this drawing out in the yard.

A Hyper Half-Hypocycloid photos taken Spring of 97 with a very early digital camera I checked out from the FSU art department.

Paw Prints (set of 3) - mud on paper; were created during a frisbee play session.

4 Guys, 3 Dogs, 2 Days - grime on paper; was created at Widespread Panic's Butterflies & Bombs album release, Athens Georgia.

Set Of Stairs - tred wear on paper; a month of up & down

Nectar & I were the penultimate finisher in her class at both Jacksonville and Miami Frisbee Dog tournaments.

Do The Hustle - video


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1997 Fluxus Drawing - A Hyper Half-Hypocycloid set of 4
Nectar Dog Drawing
Nectar Dog Drawing
Nectar Dog Drawing
Nectar Dog Drawing
dag art
1998 Paw Prints
Nectar Paw prints
Nectar Paw prints
Nectar Paw prints
frisbee dog video

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Nectar - Do The Hustle - 1998.9
time 1:15
frisbee dog video

Nectar in Denver

Nectar lounging
Nectar piano
Nectar at Alligator point Florida
Nectar frisbee dog

Nectar swimming pool dive

Nectar dog World Cup Soccar

dag art

Nectar asleep charcoal on paper
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