Piet series

oil on wood mounted on plexi or steel
(blacklight reactive)

Negative Space

This creative spark ignited when the sun shone thru the aggressively deep rips into my saw horses I had just over-cut. Eventually it grew to be an exploration of Piet Mondrian's masterpieces.

The unprecise regression of rectangles is like a subdivided city. The several coats of gloss white paint create a pristine & still, water-like surface; rustled with slight ripples of black or primary color along the depths.

 The not area of composition, depending on one's point of view; the apparently solid black grid dissipates into implied line made only of negative space. The subsequent grid and touches of color are 3D extrapolations of Mondrian's early 20th Century Neo-Plasticism.

Hero Homage
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Piet paintings - Haiku series
wood painting framed in steal
HAIKU series (set of 3) - delicate poetic whimsy framed in steel - a Zen balance. The mounts lift the painting far from the wall: thus allowing light to circulate around and thru the painting Omni-hanging mounts: provides the owner with the choice of interchangeable, 4 directions of hanging without sacrifice of center-line or additional holes in the wall. So depending on one's mood ... up is up if you say so today.


Piet series - Haiku series
Haiku painting detail
Haiku painting detail


Piet 6Piet #6
Piet 6 detail
Piet series 2 number 1
#1 - series 2
Piet 6

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Piet 5 / CoMix series
Piet #5

Piet 4
Piet #4
Piet 2
Piet #2
WorkTop series 2
WorkTop series 2
Piet series 2nd piece
Piet series first painting