Quatum Fractal

blacklight reactive oil on canvas

fractal principle- every image is equally a starting and/or finishing point depending on the relativity of the viewer.

At a glance they appear to be a splash of primary colors; but as one approaches the ordered chaos of the composition, endlessly repeated shape becomes individually clear. The complicated layers untangle to reveal that no color touches itself and there is as much red - in front & behind, as much blue - in front & behind, as much yellow - in front & behind ..... The blue sinks into the inverted inkiness of the canvas; the yellow screams forward, the red hovers in stasis between. The painting complicates and clarifies as well as dimensionalizes and flattens itself.

Thank you Werner Heisenberg, Garrett Lisi, Karen Armstrong & John Lennon

Hero Homage
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blacklight oil paint
Circle Square Triangle blacklight oil paint
Peace blacklight oil paint
Hearts blacklight oil paint
Blacklight Art Show
Flowers blacklight oil paint
Butterflies vblacklight oil paint


3D Love paintings
Omni-mounts allow art direction or pieces to be exchanged.
3D canvas - everyone touches art, so I figured I'd make it irresistible- plush!
3D canvas blacklight oil paint
3D canvas oil paintings

Maker Faire installation
Maker Faire Miami 2016 installation

Amazing Keryx performing