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Navajoe 2014: transactional ArtVyd.com logo reboot/update is based on an amalgamation of the original Vyd logo; Joseph Campbell Foundation & Navajo Myth as related by Joseph Campbell. This emblem is designed to invoke a Shaman's journey to new tribe.

The background has changed from the three concentric circles of a WW1 flying ace, to the four colors of the four sacred mountains of cardinal direction. In the center is the Vyd glyph dressed as Coyote; spreading the gift of fire. Outreaching art, or passion as export; as Rauschenberg did with ROCI. The incomplete circle- attributed to The Joseph Campbell Foundation, represents the heroes' - always unfinished as long as one has breath - journey.

early Vyd logo in 3D - 1998
rotating 3D model - 1998

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1966 - Twin Fire Horse

Sanibel Island, Florida

Collect me while I'm cheap!

Vyd - Fat Tire Bike


Volumns #1-94
1988 - Present
8" x 5.5" unlined


What started as a hated requirement in Art School Drawing 1, Fall 1988; has turned into the uninterrupted, philosophical, timeline of Vyd's brain. The only rule to Book is front to back; pages missing are because I needed paper.

comic book art
Lost in Canada - Fall 1988
Volume #0; "The KAOS Couch" Disney's Caterpillar from Alice In Wonderland on cover.

ArtVyd.com logo stickers
ArtVyd.com logo stickers - 2.5"


FSU Ron Simmons & Vyd at Comic Con
FSU Ron Simmons & Vyd


Florida State University

Edison College
Cypress Lake High
Sanibel Resource Center Canterbury
Sanibel Elementary
Warren Harding Elementary

Master of Fine Arts - Studio Arts 1998
Bachelor of Science - Studio Arts 1991
minors: Political Science, Communications, Art History

Student Senate - 3 terms;
Judicial, Student Affairs Vice Chair, Sweepings
Congress of Graduate Students - 2 terms; Constitutional Chair, Budget, Sweepings
Teaching Assistant - Adobe Illustrator

Graphics Studio, USF, Tampa, FL - art history juried presenter
House of KAOS - resident
WVFS 89.7 fm - dj
Big Arts Rauschenberg Scholarship
Father Madden Gift
Sanibel Police Scholarship

Well Hung Art

Well Hung Art

Art Handler & Installer

KAJ Gallery
2019-present / art handler
Broy Collection

2008-2016 / curate
Space 39
2008-2012 / art handler
2011-2012 / curate
Art of the Olympians
2009-2012 / art handler
Bob Rauschenberg Gallery
2001-2012 / art handler
McCullough Photography
2005-2006 / curate - production
DiGiorgio Metal Design
2003-2004 / apprentice
Eckert Fine Arts
1999-2003 / art handler
Bob Tully Sculpture
1995 / apprentice
Private Clients
Personal Shows

IATSE #647
SouthWest Florida
2016 - present
Stagehand: specialized in Video / LED

work history

past teaching experience