Well Hung Art

Well Hung Art

KAJ Gallery

Naples, FL

KAJ Art Gallery Naples Florida

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Broy Collection - private
curate- installations, storage, inventory, lighting, delivery, research, identification

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It's All About The Figure - Bob Rauschenberg Gallery
documentation concept, video & edit by Vyd
all dialogue was no script, one camera take
special thanks to Frann Bradford of the Eleanor Ettinger Gallery

KAJ Gallery
2019-present / art handler
Broy Collection

2008-2016 / curate
Space 39
2008-2012 / art handler
2011-2012 / curate
Art of the Olympians
2009-2012 / art handler
Bob Rauschenberg Gallery
2001-2012 / art handler
McCullough Photography
2005-2006 / curate - production
DiGiogio Metal Design
2003-2004 / apprentice
Eckert Fine Arts
1999-2003 / art preparator
Bob Tully Sculpture
1995 / apprentice
Private Clients
Personal Shows
Space 39
Space 39
Patio de Leon
Fort Myers, FL

art handler
installation. storage, tags,
lighting, delivery, identification,
web site, advertising
show count: +/- 35

Space 39 ad
ad for Halloween show
not pictured below

Space 39 art gallery
Space 39 Andy Warhol
Space 39 from the patio de leon
Space 39 downtown fort myers


Vyd has been a professional Art handler for local, national and international artists. Responsibilities have include: design/hang 200+ Museum & Gallery shows, business, private homes and interfaceing with artists. Identification, authentication, production, archive, preparation, condition reports, documentation, advertisement, sales, repair, inventory, packing, unpacking, lighting, wall or podium creation or maintenance, and transporting collections.
wIndigo's Patio de Leon Downtown Fort Myers

Patio de Leon, Fort Myers, FL

curate, install, tags, sales-
annex of Space 39 for
developing upcoming local artists
show count +/-13

logo by Vyd

wIndigo's Downtown Fort Myers
wIndigo's Patio de Leon
wIndigo's art gallery
art gallery hanging

Art of the Olympians logo painted on museum
Art of the Olympians

Fort Myers, FL

art handler
layout and execution, tags,
lighting, collection storage,
receiving and packing,
provide for artists prior to reception,
paint logo on entrance
show count +/-12

Al Oerter
Al Oerter
4 time Olympic Champion
Gallery Founder
Art of the Olympians
Art of the Olympians
Art of the Olympians


Meeting and working for so many heroes has been phenomenal. Thru the loading dock of a museum; inside the vault of a collector; opening the private door to a studio; no velvet ropes- I have learned as much from the back of a 100 paintings as I have from the front of 1,000.

Saks Fifth Avenue
Bell Tower
Fort Myers, FL

Vyd Art Installations - 2
men's department, front office,
floor displays,
front and rear windows

Vyd art at Saks Fifth Avenue
Vyd art at Saks Fifth Avenue
Vyd art at Saks Fifth Avenue

Hotel Indigo Downtown Fort Myers
Fort Myers, FL

install the entire hotel prior to opening-
every room, suite, office, lobby, bar, restaurant, recreation, gym,
poolside and conference rooms
using security hardware

Hotel Indigo Downtown Fort Myers Florida
Hotel Indigo art in room
Hotel Indigo suite


Bob Rauschenberg Gallery

Florida SouthWest College
Fort Myers, FL

Bob Rauschenberg Gallery

art handler
installation, gallery maintenance,
packing, delivery, lighting,
build podiums, mentor students
show count +/- 60

+ Installation of 3 permanent galleries,
all campus art w/ security hardware-
library, offices or hallways

Voltwerks 2002
John Cage 2002
Bob Rauschenberg New Work 2002
Merce Cunningham
Merce Cunningham
Arts 4 ACT
Irene Gennaro 2002
Darryl Pottorf 2003
Edourd Duval-Carrie 2004
Bob Rauschenberg A Quake In Paradise
Margulies Collection 2005
Jud Nelson
Darryl Pottorf 2006
Bob Rauschenberg Scenarios
Broy Collection 2007
9th International Shoebox Sculpture Exhibition 2007
Mark Messersmith 2007
Margulies Collection New Acquisitions 2006
Bonnie Baxter Rewind 2008
Blaine De St Croix Fire 2009
Clive King 2010
Florida Individual Artist Fellowship Exhibition 2010
Ray Burggraf 2011
Mamie Holst 2008
Karen Stinnett 2006
Lilian Garcia-Roig Nature of Being There 2009
Denise Bookwalter 2012
Edison College - medical museum

Laurence Gartel - Bob Rauschenberg Gallery

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documentation concept, video & edit by Vyd
contains music and scenes from Gartel dvd

Laurence Gartel 2009
Laurence Gartel 2009


Eckert Fine Art
Naples, FL

art preparator
installation, shipping/ receiving, tags,
lighting, delivery, storage, graphics
show count +/- 24

Eckert Fine Arts Naples
Bob Rauschenberg BMW
Christo and Jeane-Claude
Jane Eckert
Renior collection
Danny Morgan at efa naples